Playing around in PSE 4

Well, I've been trying to do the Sweetcheeks sepia and caramel conversions, but I can't seem to apply the directions to PSE 4, so I pulled out my Photoshop Elements Book by Scott Kelby. This is with the sepia conversion from the book, and I also applied the vignette instructions. I know it's over the top :), but the only way I'm going to learn is to jump in and start playing! Can't remember all the settings on the photo, but I know it was AV mode, ISO 800, 50mm lens. Thanks for looking!


Dar Kaso said...

I am so in love with Scott Kelby, wish I could just follow him around for a few days and pick his brain.

Nice shot and the framing is very cool and antiquey looking.

Lauren Hartman said...

I am LOL at Dar, too true. That guy has saved my rear so many times when I wondered how to do thsi or that ;)

Nice shot and conversion! I'd love to see the vignette softened a bit, but i think that's really a personal preference sort of thing.

Lorrie said...

I like it. Looks like a photo right out of my great grandmother's scrapbook, ya know? So vintage looking!

lj0208 said...

Scott Kelby is my secret boyfriend LOL! my husband is always telling me to put Scott away and pay attenttion to the man in the room, not the man in the book!

Anyway I like this conversion.

I would have liked to see the frame a little wider, not so enclosed around the tree, give it a little breathing space. Just my opinion.

Thanks for sharing.

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