More baseball shots

I've already posted a couple of these on the 2peas gallery, but I wanted to add them here as well. The first couple of these are Ryan, the rest are a couple of his buddies on the team. I finally found a fence low enough to shoot over! These were taken with my 75-300mm lens, aperture priority, f/5.6, various shutter speeds. I started at 400 ISO, but had to increase it as I lost the sun! CC always welcome - thanks!


This is the first time I've been on theme for the challenge all year! Becca made a commitment of faith a couple of weeks ago, and was baptized. She read her testimony in front of the whole church before the baptism - it was so special! These photographs are not technically correct by any means, but they are precious to me! Thanks for looking!

Playing around in PSE6

It's been a yucky, rainy day today, so I've been playing around with some recent pictures. This is a shot of Ryan at a game from last week. I wanted to age the photo a little, so I used Jess's White
Chocolate conversion (my favorite of her actions, btw), added a gradient map layer, adjusted the color to a warm brown. I burned the edges in, then added some textures. I was looking for a vintage or a torn edge border, but I didn't find one. Let me know what you think - or feel free to suggest something I could have done differently! Thanks for looking!

Gymnastics Competition

I attended a gymnastics meet this weekend, and it was SO cool! There was something going on everywhere I looked! This adorable little gymnast is my niece Bailey, and she did a GREAT job! She received a first place medal in her division in the balance beam event. Anyway, I used my 85mm for these, shot in Aperture priority, most of the shots that I took were at 1.8 or 2.0, but I had to bump my ISO all the way up to 1600. I had LOTS of noise, so I ran them through noiseware. CC always appreciated - thanks for looking!
Oh, by the way, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, there's a big leprechaun in the background of the first and third one! This is the guy that owned the gym where the meet was held, and since it was St. Patrick's Day theme, he dressed in costume! Pretty funny!

One just for fun!

It seems like I only post pictures of Becca, but only because she's a much more willing model for me than Ryan! I pull out the camera when he's around, and he just groans. I was able to catch this one, though, of him performing his new talent - juggling! His baseball coach challenged the team to learn to juggle to improve their hand/eye coordination, and it really didn't take long at all for him to pick it up!

Color Pop

I love actions - there are some that I use on nearly every photo. I have a couple of color pop actions that I use pretty frequently. There's a sticky post on ILP about Finding the Color (color pop tutorial). I wanted to give it a shot, so that even when I'm being lazy and using actions, I can at least understand the process behind them! This shot was pretty blah SOOC, so I wanted to give it a little punch. Let me know what you think. Is it too over the top? Thanks for looking!

Time for baseball!

I love baseball season! These are a couple of shots of my son's best friend, shot through a chainlink fence. :) I don't have any of my son yet, he plays on the JV team, and they play after the varsity, so it's been too dark to get good shots for the late games - but soon, maybe! These were taken with my 85mm, Tv priority, ss 1/500, f/5.6. The shadows were terrible, so I lightened them up in PSE6. CC welcome - thanks for looking!

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