Lolita and Jeff Part II

Here's a few more of a very HOT couple! I love shooting Seniors and families, but it was a lot of fun and a nice change of pace to shoot something a little bit different!


I've started my crazy end-of-the-school-year rush on Senior pictures! Ben's is the first, with a few more to follow before Graduation!

Have a Hoppy Day!

I rarely make "pretty food"... so I had to show off the cake Becca and I made for Easter! It was a doctored up cake mix recipe, but with made from scratch cream cheese frosting.... Soooooo sweet, but soooooo good! Great end to our traditional ham and scalloped potatoes lunch that we have every year. Happy Easter, Everyone!

My New Favorite Spot

Anybody who shoots in this area knows we are limited on cool "spots". I have some favorite spots, and I use them frequently because they're pretty awesome, but I'm always excited to stumble on a new place. My latest subjects actually suggested this place, and I LOVE it! It has the best lighting! I took a BUNCH of shots of them, so here's round one of Lolita and Jeff.... I'll post more tomorrow in my "regular" places!

2011-2012 Cheerleading Squad and Mascot!

I went through football photo withdrawal last season, but next fall these girls may be the most photographed cheer squad ever! ;) Congrats girls!

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