Time for Round Ball!

Shots from the Henrietta Tournament. I love basketball, and neither one of my kids is playing this year! :( I've got plenty of boys to go and watch though. Good luck Cats! Have a great season!

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I've been seeing all these wonderful Name Frames online, but have been reluctant to try one, simply because I haven't had time to take on one more project!!! Then my niece Kelley made one for my mom, and I got to see how cool it looked IRL, so I had to try my hand at one! This is a name frame I made for my sister-in-law and her husband, and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I'd like to do one for our own last name, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to find 2 different G's!

A Christmas Gift

For Christmas, I made a poster-sized collage for Ryan in honor of this year's Bearcat Football team. There is at least one photo of every team member, some group shots, and then just some extras of Ry. I really haven't done many collages, so it took me FOREVER, but then once the template was complete, it was easy to change up, so I was able to do one for a couple of other Bearcat moms! These printed up really nicely, and look great in a frame!

Meowy Christmas

Meet Bluebell and Trixie, better known as Big Cat and Little Cat (aka Small Cat). They're all lovey-dovey here, but their moods can turn on a dime! What usually always starts out with Big Cat giving Little Cat a little bath, turns into WWIII, with both of them shooting through the house, fighting, yowling, bounding off furniture, etc.... Then just as quickly they're back to their sweet, loving selves. I saw them sitting together so pretty gazing upon the Christmas tree (they were probably contemplating which ornament to knock off and break next), and I couldn't resist getting a picture!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Ho Ho Ho!!! It's been a while since I've posted, it's been CRAZY at my house and at work! Santa Claus came to the bank last Friday, and lots of little guys had their picture made with Santa - I had to get one of just the big guy himself!

Remember, he's on his way, so be good for goodness sake!!!

Will the real Dr. G. please stand up....

Dr. G. recently celebrated a birthday (on Halloween) and to celebrate, his staff dressed up as him - complete with mustaches, surgi-caps, coats and stethoscope! Some even completed the outfit with his signature cowboy boots! My sister works for him, and clued me in to this unique photo opportunity!!! It was just for fun, and all his patients loved it!

Sweet 'Lil Vampire

Twilight mania has hit at our house! Becca has read all four books, and in fact is re-reading them now! We saw the movie for her birthday, and we plan to see it again after I finish reading the first book (maybe on my birthday on the 21st!) Just to have a bit of fun, I "Cullenized" her! She's waaayy to sweet to be a vampire, though!

Nobody makes me _________ than you....

Laugh more.
More worried.

I could fill in the blank with SO many different things - you definitely inspire a lot of emotion in me!

Today's your 17th birthday. I can't believe one more year and you're 18 years old. I have lots of wishes for your 17th year - I hope they all come true. Mainly I hope that the upcoming year brings you happiness. The past year has had lots of ups and downs (mostly ups), hopefully next year will be all smooth sailing!

Happy birthday, Ryan!

Happy Birthday Becca!

Becca, the sweetest little girl in the world, is not so little anymore. 12 years ago today, Rebecca Noelle arrived in this world, a little bit late and with a little bit of drama. Low blood sugar meant that she had to spend an extra day in the NICU, (and at 9 lbs, 7 oz., she looked like she had eaten one of the other babies!) There has never been a harder day in my life than the day I had to leave the hospital and not take my baby girl with me - even though I knew she was all right, and the NICU stay was just precautionary.

Now 12 years have passed, and our sweet baby has turned into a beautiful young lady! She's into clothes, make-up, Twilight, and pop star magazines. The teen years are just around the corner, no matter how much her daddy protests!!!

Happy Birthday Becca-Boo!!!!

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