Shhh, it's a secret...

This is Daryl. Daryl lives with his parents, and his sister Christie wanted to do something special for them, so she arranged to have Daryl's portrait done. It's supposed to be a surprise, but Daryl's mom got suspicious when Christie was asking if he needed a haircut! :) Thanks for looking, and have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Another Sweet Family

The fall leaves have been too gorgeous this year not to take advantage of them with family portraits! Our area of Texas doesn't usually get very pretty fall foliage, but we've been lucky this year!

The "K" kids

Changing gears, and posting some family shots! These guys were so much fun, but can you imagine being a "tween" girl, and having 8 year old twin brothers?! Bless her heart!!! :)


It's been crazy, but I think I'm just about done with my Seniors!! It's been a blast guys! This is Marc, and he's been very patient waiting for his photos! Thanks for looking!

It's nearly that time!!!

It's almost time for Christmas, so folks are gearing up for Christmas card photos! Here's one of Cody, Ashley and Kabree.....

Cats vs. Indians

Photos from the Henrietta - Nocona game.

Cats vs. Mustangs

Photos from the Henrietta - City View game.

Just a couple for Colby!

We are quickly running out of time to do senior pictures and make the yearbook deadline, so Colby had just a "quick" session, just for yearbook pictures. We'll have more later of him!


This is Aaron (aka A-Dub). We had LOTS of outtakes of Aaron's pictures, first time I ever shot somebody in their boxers in the alley! :) I've had SO much fun with all of these seniors - they crack me up!

**ETA** Yes, his shirt in the last pic really is that green! It was fluorescent, kind of like a tennis ball! :)

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