Becca's the TOPS!

There was a recent election in Becca's class for Student Council. When Becca came home and told me she wanted to run for Girl Representative, my first thought was to talk her out of it. While Becca is well-liked in her class because she's sweet and kind to everyone, she's shy and softspoken, and I was SO afraid she would be upset if she didn't win. But after I made sure that she understood she would have to stand up in front of everybody and give a speech, I bit my tongue. We worked on her speech, and made some Rockin' campaign posters, and we also made these tops to hand out - the labels read "Vote for Becca" on one side, and "She's the TOPS!" on the other. Well, Election Day came, and sure enough, she didn't win. But I'm SO proud of her for trying, and being a gracious loser. I forget sometimes that she's much braver than I ever was at that age, and even though she's quiet and shy, she's very strong.

A couple Senior shots

Hope everyone's Mother's Day was as fabulous as mine! I wanted to add a couple more Senior shots. I love these locations we found - they were in the old, kind of rundown part of town, with lots of empty store fronts. One was really cool - the glass was REALLY reflective - I kept having to make sure that I wasn't in the shot! The other shot is my first time using textures. Let me know what you think - CC always welcome!!!!

Senior Girls are Fun!!!

I've been just shooting Senior boys, and even though those shoots have gone pretty well, I got to shoot my first Senior girl this past week, and it was WAY fun! Girls actually enjoy having their portraits made, where boys usually are just doing it to please their moms! I'm still proofing, but I found a couple that were fun to play with - used actions and conversions from Jess and LadyRen. Let me know what you think!!!!

The strongest woman I know

This is my mom, Helen. She usually turns her head or makes a face if someone points a camera at her - so I'm very happy she cooperated for me, at least for one shot!

Mom truly is the strongest woman that I know. My dad was a pipeliner and traveled in his work. He would be gone weeks, sometimes months, so she raised 3 girls practically on her own. When Dad was home he was a bit of a hell-raiser, so he wasn't the easiest man in the world to be married to, but she loved him fiercely.

As a girl, Mom was the middle child in a family of 8 children. Her family was VERY poor, living in the Depression. She had to quit school at a young age to go to work, then was married at 16, a mother at 17 and again at 19 (and again at 31 - yes, I was a BIG surprise!). Mom actually went back and got her GED at age 49, the year I was a Senior in high school, so she and I "graduated" together!

My dad became ill with diabetes and kidney disease in 1987. He was disabled and could no longer work, and was fighting with the Social Security Administration to receive disability (a process that takes FOREVER!!!) so Mom worked cleaning houses to support them. After they finally began receiving his disability income, Dad had to go on dialysis, so for 5 years, they got up at 3:30 a.m. 3 days a week and Mom drove him to his treatment.

After Dad died, Mom still needed someone to "care" for, so she takes care of all of us now! I don't know what we would do without her - she is a fabulous grandmother, and a great-grandmother. She's made treats for school, gone to ballgames, sewed on buttons, cooked Sunday dinner, attended school plays, and countless other things! My kids, and all of her grandchildren adore her - in fact, my big, tough, 16 year old son begs me at least once a week to stay overnight at her house. She's the best! We love you, Mom!

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