This was such a pretty day to shoot, and such a pretty subject! Kristen is one of the sweetest girls I've ever seen! She was truly a pleasure to photograph!


I've known this sweet girl since she was a little bitty thing - and she's grown into a beautiful young lady! I can't believe all these kids that have grown up with Becca are about to graduate! Make the most of your senior year, Bree!!!

Savannah and Nathan

Nathan and Savannah are patiently waiting on sweet Cohen... and they are maybe the cutest expectant couple EVER! I am so excited for that baby boy to get here!


These Senior girls I've had lately make my job EASY! And Adriana is no exception! Such a beautiful girl, inside and out - and I had no idea she was a hunter - she makes camo look good! :) Have a great Senior year Adriana!


Oh, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor..... She has ALWAYS been one of the most energetic, bubbly, and fun girls I've ever known! She's a gifted and talented athlete, and a beautiful girl as well! I know she'll be successful in whatever path life leads her down - this girl doesn't know how to fail! Make the most of your Senior year, Taylor! :)


This group of seniors are such a cool bunch of kids! I've watched them all through the last 12 years grow into amazing young men and women! And Jameson is no exception - he's an awesome guy, AND the OUTSTANDING kicker for the Bearcats! Good luck Jameson, and Go Cats!


So Bradley is just a teeny tiny bit of a cut-up. And by teeny tiny bit, I mean that he kept me and Sarah and Becca laughing throughout the whole session! He should definitely be voted class clown! Enjoy your Senior Year, Bradley!!!


Sarah has been "the little girl across the alley" for as long as we've lived in our house. She and her family have recently moved out to the country, which is awesome for them, but it kinda stinks for us. They were great neighbors and we'll miss them!

Sarah and Becca have been friends since pre-school, and she's known by many names around our house. Frannie, Triple F, Other Sarah... All said with love, of course! I can't believe she and all the rest of Becca's friends are seniors. Just yesterday we were driving them to Camp Grady Spruce, and they were having a picnic on the trampoline out back and eating chicken salad and drinking Capri Suns! Those days are gone, but great days are ahead. Good luck with the rest of your year, Frannie!

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