A Halloween Poem

The Riggins home was dark
On All Hallows Eve,
The porchlight was off
No candy to receive...

The pumpkins stood unlit
Within them was no flame...
For the Riggins were not home,
They had traveled to the game!

They had gone to cheer their team
The Rangers they hold so dear,
The World Series was in Texas
For which they'd waited many a year.

So trick-or-treaters pass on by,
Pranksters don't be too mean!
Keep your claws and antlers up
And have a Happy Halloween!

Dunlap Family

When we first moved back to this area, Ryan was just about this little girl's age. And it used to totally blow his mind when we would run into someone and visit, and after we went on our way I would say "that was your cousin"... because it pretty much happened all the time! He always said "is everyone in town my cousin?" That might have been the way this little gal felt to find out that their photographer was her cousin! I love huge families! :)

Zombies need love too....

Tonight is the annual Junior High Halloween dance... and Becca went as a Zombie Prom Queen! She is a Halloween FREAK (kinda like her mama) and loves all things Halloween... Her costume, courtesy of the Treasure House, consisted of an $8 dress and $2.50 shoes..... but when she put it all together she looked like a million bucks!


It was taking me FOREVER to edit these photos, and I couldn't figure out why, until I went back and counted the proofs! I took soooo many, 'cause this chickeedoo was so fun!

Oh, Brother! :)

We had a HECK of a time taking this little guys photos! He didn't feel well or want to cooperate at all when we shot him and his sister, and we had to reschedule a couple of times to get some decent shots.... He was definitely suspicious of the camera! Luckily he relaxed a little at the last shoot!

Little Diva

This cutie patootie was ALL about the camera!!! She loved posing, smiling, and hamming it up! I've done her photos before, and she didn't like it so much when she was younger but that's all changed! Now if some of that could just rub off on her little brother.... he wasn't thrilled with having his picture taken AT ALL! His photos are coming up in a few days!

Little Cowboy

Kooper is one of my favorite little guys! He's one of those guys around town that EVERYONE knows! :)

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