John and Ami

I had a "twofer" senior session last weekend with John and Ami. These guys were great - they kept me laughing and crawling through barbed wire fences! :) Thanks for looking!!!

What's Important

Taking a break from football and senior pictures to talk a little bit about something that matters to me... Most of my friends would tell you I'm their "political" friend! I'm pretty passionate about voting, and can be a little vocal about my political views! :)

The truth is, my parents raised me to be the way I am. They instilled in me how important it is, how it can make a difference. Most of the time, I don't agree with folks around me, and that's ok. Most of the people I know are respectful of my views, and I try to be the same for them. Occasionally, I get a little good natured fun poked my way or at my candidate, but that's ok, too!

The video below is tongue-in-cheek, and really talks about how important just one vote can be. Election day is November 4th - go vote and let your voice be heard.


Houston is one of my recent senior sessions, and I had a BLAST doing these shots! We did things a little differently, and shot with his horse out on a ranch that he's worked on.

Thank you guys, hope you like them! :)

Cats vs. Cubs

Photos from the Henrietta - Olney game.

Sam's Sneak Peek!

2nd Senior Girl this fall! We had a lot of fun doing this shoot, even when we thought the train guy was going to yell at us! Hope you like them, Sam!

Cats vs. Tigers

Shots from the Henrietta-Jacksboro game.

Pioneer Reunion

Every year we have a celebration in our county called the "Pioneer Reunion". It's a HUGE deal - 3 days and nights of parades, courthouse lawn festivities, rodeos and dances. All three days, the county seat is FILLED with cowboys, cowgirls and horses. This is one of Becca's friends who was a candidate for Junior Rodeo Queen. Thanks for looking!!!!

Cats vs. Panthers III

Last installment for Henrietta/Chico!!

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