Okay, I just wanted to see if I could figure out how to post a picture! It wasn't too hard after all. This is a picture I took on Christmas Eve of one of my favorite ornaments, a redbird perched on a branch. The settings were Aperture Priority, shutter speed 3 seconds ( I used my tripod ), Aperture 5.6, and little bit of cropping in Photoshop Elements 4.0. The things I like about this picture are the backlighting, and how the glitter around the edge of the bird catches the light. The things that I don't like so much are the soft focus, and the darkness of the picture. I suppose I could have lightened it up a bit in Photoshop, though. Anyway, this is a special ornament to me, redbirds always remind me of my dad.


Patti said...

Hi Lori. welcome to the challenge. I know what you mean about a flat landscape - it's like that here too, I'm lucky though as i have the sea, but geez I would love. some mountains. I like your redbird pic, the glow of the lights is lovely, but I see what you mean about the darkness of the bird. I like that the pic is of something that is special to you. Looking forward to seeing more of your pics

Kathy said...

no pic?

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