A different kind of senior! Deisa will be graduating from Midwestern State in just a couple of weeks! Congratulations!


Carissa is one of the prettiest, funniest, happiest girls I've ever met! Her mom and I swear that she and Ryan are exactly alike, it's no wonder they're such good friends! She's the Burk Bulldog, a fantastic volleyball and basketball player, and just awesome in general! Have a great rest of your Senior year, Carissa!


Dylan's an Iowa Park senior - we had weather fighting against us trying to schedule his session - so we had to do it EARLY morning! He was a good sport about it though! Good luck on your senior year, Dylan!


There is No.One. who enjoys having their picture taken like my beautiful great-niece Kaylee! And I can't believe she's a Senior! Also, I may be a little biased, but we have some of the best looking kids in our family, and I love photographing them! Love you Kaylee!


In the midst of all the senior girls, Tanner is one of my few senior boys this year. He was a good sport about his photos - boys generally don't enjoy being in front of the camera, but he tolerated it for his mom's and my sake! :)


Taylor is someone I've known for a long time - she was one of the "little sisters" of the group of boys that were always around of the house - and now she's grown into a beautiful young woman! Have a fabulous Senior year, Taylor! :)


Senior season is in full swing!!! We found some GREAT places to shoot, and Jacee brought her sweet puppy along too!

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