Showing some love to the Lady Cats!

I've posted lots of football pics, but it's time to recognize the awesome Lady Cats volleyball team! These girls are intense competitors, and have a great chance to bring home a championship this year!

Finally finished....

... editing Joana's senior pics! I had a lot of fun with these, and it was WAY too hard trying to weed any out! I had some fun with some collages as well. I think I'm addicted to making them!!! I wanted to post them along with a couple more of my favorite shots. Thanks for looking!

Sneak Peek!!!

I shot some Senior Pictures for Joana about a week ago. It's been such a crazy couple of weeks, with Homecoming, and Ryan's knee injury, plus I had to go to Lubbock one day, I haven't had time to sit down and look at these very much. I've worked through my first edit (we shot over 200 pictures!) and I think I've narrowed it down to about 100 - 120 that I really like! :) I keep coming back to this shot, I think it's my fave! Will share more later.....

2 Bits, 4 Bits......

I always say you can pick an ex-cheerleader out of a crowd - they've just got that 'perkiness' about them.... :) Friday night was Homecoming for our high school, and the current cheerleaders invited all ex-cheerleaders and twirlers to a reception, and to be on the sidelines of the field to cheer on the Bearcats. My sisters, Denise (Class of '67) and Clydean (Class of '69)represented the family well! (Alas, I was but a lowly Junior High twirler, so I didn't join them - just took photos for future blackmail purposes!) Denise demonstrated she can still do a herkie jump, and even got a medal for Best Jumper!!!

The last photo is of my good friends, the Laseman sisters! The oldest cheerleader present was from the Class of '43! Now that's school spirit!!!!

Cats vs. Panthers II

More photos from the Paradise game.

Cats vs. Panthers

Photos from the game in Paradise.


We had a bit of a scare this week. Ryan had to come out of Friday night's game with a knee injury. By the time we got home from the game, his knee was swollen up like a balloon! We immediately put him on crutches, but had to wait the weekend to find out about it. Today, he had an x-ray and an MRI, and luckily there was no bone damage and no tears!

As crazy as it sounds, I've never worried about Ryan being injured. He's a lineman, so I don't think about it as much as I do with our QB, or our running backs and receivers who are just out there wide open waiting for someone to hit them. So waiting in the stands, watching the team doctor taking care of him was almost surreal.

I'd like to let everyone know how much I appreciate all the well wishes and positive vibes that came our way! So many people called to check on Ryan, and asked about him when they saw us. Thanks everybody!!!


I am a bird-watcher wannabe! I have the the field guide, I sometimes wear the binoculars around my neck (yeah, I'm a dork) and I always put out birdseed in my yard. I have some little house sparrows that always nest in my carport and they LOVE the seedcakes from Wal-Mart that fit into the little cages. Well, as I learned last week, so does our neighborhood squirrel! We caught him having a little afternoon snack on top of our toolshed!

Cats vs. Cardinals

More football shots from the Henrietta vs. Pottsboro game.

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