50 Wishes for 50 Years

I've decided to march boldly into the 50 Plus Zone, but if I have to have 50 candles on my cake, then I think I'm entitled to 50 wishes.

1. I wish I could win the lottery. (Every self respecting wish list should always start with a lottery win.)

2 I wish I could see the Eagles in concert.

3. I wish I wasn't allergic to shrimp.

4. I wish "The West Wing" would come back on TV.

5. I wish I could go on an Alaskan cruise.

6. I wish I could play the guitar.

7. I wish I could have a photograph published in ESPN magazine.

8. I wish I could be as good a mom to my kids as my mom has always been to me.

9. I wish my cats would use their litter box correctly.

10. I wish I could take gourmet cooking classes.

11. I wish the Cowboys would win the Superbowl this year.

12. I wish we could have a white Christmas.

13. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator.

14. I wish Mike had a motorcycle.

15. I wish I could go with a storm-chasing crew and see a tornado.

16. I wish my teeny-tinesy dog wasn't so gassy.

17. I wish Taco Flavored Doritos burned calories.

18. I wish I was a better swimmer.

19. I wish the flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz" didn't creep me out so much.

20. I wish we actually had 4 seasons here in Texas.

21. I wish I hadn't lost touch with good friends and special people over the years.

22. I wish my friends I have now knew how much they all mean to me.

23. I wish I could write a book.

24. I wish I had a Canon 17-50mm f2.8 zoom lens.

25. I wish the Laundry Fairy would come and visit me regularly.

26. I wish they would bring back Grape Frosted Poptarts.

27. I wish I was more of a planner, and less of a worrier.

28. I wish my dad was here to wish me a Happy Birthday.

29. I wish someone would come paint my house.

30. I wish I had long, manicured nails.

31. I wish Ellen Degeneres was my bff.

32. I wish I didn't lose my debit card once a week.

33. I wish I had more time to read actual books.

34. I wish Becca wouldn't gripe when I want to brush her hair and paint her nails... she needs to realize she'll always be my real live baby doll.

35. I wish my cats would stop bringing me bird presents.

36. I wish the Rangers would go back to the World Series this year - third times's the charm!

37. I wish Ryan would shave off his beard, (or at least prune it back) so I could see his handsome face.

38. I wish I didn't live with the two pickiest eaters in the world.

39. I wish I had new bedroom furniture.

40. I wish my grass hadn't died in the front yard this year, because it's going to be a soggy mess if it ever rains.

41. I wish I could crochet, or knit, or even sew on a button.

42. I wish I had time to sit down and play the piano.

43. I wish I had cute little feet.

44. I wish I could turn on my television for just one day and not see any bad news.

45. I wish our bird would talk like it's supposed to.

46. I wish coffee magically made itself in the morning.

47. I wish my cats wouldn't sleep on the clean folded laundry and make it furry.

48. I wish "Six Feet Under" would come on Netflix.

49. I wish that Ryan and Becca will one day find someone to share their lives with that will love and treat them the way their dad loves and treats me.

50. I wish everyone reading this has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!


Denver's house is my new favorite place to take pics - so many cool spots out there! Denver's my last senior of the season, at least until spring pics resume! I've had an amazing and fun group of kids this year - I hope you all have an awesome rest of your Senior Year! Class of '13 Rocks!

Rodeo Queen 2012!

Congratulations to Josey on winning the title of Clay County Reunion Rodeo Queen this year! I know she works hard, and it has paid off! Enjoy your year, Jo!

Two guys, a girl, and a mustache....

I love these guys! My nephew Chance was home on leave during Thanksgiving, so we had the opportunity to shoot some family photos. As always, by the time we were done I was laughing so hard I was nearly wetting my pants! The outtakes truly deserve their own post...

Finally, 21!

21 years ago, on Friday December 6th, at 3:32, our lives changed forever! Who knew that sweet little baby, with great big hands and kind of a pointy head would turn into such a handsome, funny, smart young man! Ryan, it’s hard to believe you’re an adult, because you’ll always be my Barney and Baby Bop lovin’, Power Ranger kickin’, Hot Wheel drivin’, Harry Potter readin’, little boy! I hope you know how blessed you are to have a family that loves you very much, and wonderful friends you can count on. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become – have an incredible and awesome birthday!

Sweet Sixteen

Our sweet baby girl turned 16 today, and I took a walk down memory lane and spent some time looking through her baby book. I was reminded of her cute made up words and phrases she used to say, like:

Big Donalds = McDonalds
Samoff = Sandwich
Buscuze Me = Excuse Me
Weather Blanket = Electric Blanket
The Cliff (which she was TERRIFIED OF at Lowes) = Forklift
Gugga = Becca
Mister = Dad
Guy = PaPa

She also used to LOVE the color pink (notsomuch anymore), she named every stuffed animal, beanie baby, stick horse, roly poly bug or doll "Crystal", she was ALL ABOUT The Dragontales TV show, and she was scared of flowers because they had bugs in them! She had to have "Delta Dawn" or the Dixie Chicks' "Lying in Your Lovin' Arms Again" sung to her every night, and NOBODY could make her mad like her big brother!

As much fun as the last 16 years have been watching her grow, I know the future holds many more wonderful times in store for her! Happy Birthday Rebecca Noelle!


Believe me, I could feel Jordan's mom's pain! I had a senior boy not too long ago, who detested getting his picture made - so this was possibly the quickest photo session in history! After Jordan told his mom he only wanted to take "like 5 pictures", I knew I better work fast! :)


A different kind of senior! Deisa will be graduating from Midwestern State in just a couple of weeks! Congratulations!


Carissa is one of the prettiest, funniest, happiest girls I've ever met! Her mom and I swear that she and Ryan are exactly alike, it's no wonder they're such good friends! She's the Burk Bulldog, a fantastic volleyball and basketball player, and just awesome in general! Have a great rest of your Senior year, Carissa!


Dylan's an Iowa Park senior - we had weather fighting against us trying to schedule his session - so we had to do it EARLY morning! He was a good sport about it though! Good luck on your senior year, Dylan!


There is No.One. who enjoys having their picture taken like my beautiful great-niece Kaylee! And I can't believe she's a Senior! Also, I may be a little biased, but we have some of the best looking kids in our family, and I love photographing them! Love you Kaylee!

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