Jeff and Lita

Holy Moly - this couple ROCKS the camera! This is the second time I've shot their photos - once when they were dating, and this time for their first anniversary! We had a lot of fun both times, and we're already scouting hot locations for the next time! Congrats on your anniversary, guys, and I wish you many more to come!

One Big Happy

I had the great pleasure of taking this big beautiful family's photos for the second time! We had a gorgeous day to shoot, and a gorgeous location to shoot at!

Pretty in Purple

How gorgeous are these guys in their purple? One of my favorite colors! Harley is so adorable, and was such a sweetheart while we were shooting - even though I kept calling her Charley! (in my defense, it was going to be her name originally - but Harley fits her so well!)

Let it Rain!

I've taken this gorgeous family's photos multiple times, and it seems like nearly every time we are battling the weather! As always, they were troopers! These boys are ADORABLE! :)


I've known Sydney almost all her life! She was one of the "little sisters" and so we've watched her play under the bleachers while the boys played baseball, she spent a few New Years Eves playing dress up at my house, she was a hot pink flash running by on the soccer field when she played on the Divas team, and she has tumbled and cheered her way up from Cubs to Bearcats!

Sydney is an outspoken, funny, beautiful young woman, and I hope for nothing but the best for her! Have fun your Senior year, Syd!

Fun Family Fotos!

Big groups are crazy, but fun! It's always a race to make sure you can get all the shots in before the kiddos get tired, or the men - haha! These guys were great though!


I love little boys! These brothers are ADORABLE, and full of fun! We were taking photos for Jaxon's 4th birthday, and of course we couldn't leave Tucker out. And thanks to Stewart's Sweet Stop for letting us shoot inside there!

Happiest Baby Ever!

Avery had nothing but smiles going on! She was so adorable, and was a perfect little angel during our session!

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