On the 18th anniversary of my 29th birthday....

.... I've uncovered one of the great mysteries of humanity. I've decided that all of life's questions would be answered if I could just find the perfect shade of lipstick. How many of you women agree with me? Lipstick shopping is just like life, you have to try so many different times before perfection is achieved, and sometimes you never quite reach that mark. In fact, most of the time you don't. But you keep trying. And shopping. And we don't throw our mistakes away, we keep them in the bottom of our purse, or in our make-up drawer; after all, just because something doesn't work now, doesn't mean it won't in the future. And we keep searching, knowing that in aisle 7, somewhere between Windsor Rose and Solar Pink, that we'll find all the answers.


Head shots for a gorgeous girl! Thanks so much for being patient while I worked on seniors!!!

Get your daily dose of adorable....

.... right here! Seriously... how cute can one little guy be???

Worst Birthday Ever?

Maybe. Nobody wants to have a stomach virus and spend their entire 18th birthday in the bathroom... Even chicken spaghetti and a new TV couldn't improve it very much. But in the years to come, as you look back on this birthday, I hope you don't remember all the misery. Instead, I hope you remember all the 18 years leading up to this day. 18 years of learning, and laughing, and living.... 18 years which have taught you to be your own person.... 18 years worth of friends, and experiences, and life lessons.... We're so proud of the man that you've become, and the person that you continue to grow into.... Love you Ryan....


Still working through Senior pictures, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for being patient, Samie!

Lessons learned from a 13 year old....

Becca is 13 today... finally, a teenager... She's growing into such a kind, beautiful young lady, and I'm so proud of her. I often say that I should strive to be more like her, because she's not just a good kid, she's a good {person}.... The kind of person that I want to be. Here are a few lessons learned from my wise and wonderful daughter:

1. It's ok to try something new, even if you don't think you'll be any good at it. Sometimes it's fun just to try.

2. Spending time in the company of just yourself is a great way to pass a lazy weekend.

3. It's better to have a few real friends, than to be the most 'popular' person because you'll be more happy around genuine people than phony people.

4. If you're only going to get mad at one person, make sure it's your brother.

5. Being quiet doesn't mean you're timid or meek, it just means you don't feel the need to have the spotlight all the time.

6. Just because someone is unkind to you is not a good reason to be unkind to them.

7. You should always read the birthday cards and the message written in them before you open the present.

8. The tops of the broccoli taste better than the bottoms.

9. It's ok NOT to like the same movies, clothes, celebrities, colors, songs, games, etc. that everyone else does... really, it is.

10. Being silly is acceptable no matter what your age.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca Noelle. I love you very much.


Yet another gorgeous senior girl! And this one included a really, sweeeet car!

Jessica, aka J-Roh...

The NEXT Jessica! LOL! Still hard at work to churn out these senior pics! Luckily, these girls have made it really easy for me!!! It's hard to take a bad picture when you've got such great subjects!!!


"Every man at some point in his life is going to lose a battle. He is going to fight and he is going to lose. But what makes him a man is at the midst of that battle he does not lose himself." Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights

This has been an amazing season. And although it ended prematurely, and the dream that you and your teammates had was not quite realized, that does not diminish the accomplishments along the way. 3 gold footballs, a perfect regular season, an indescribable 41-30 victory, and the camaraderie shared by the team are trophies enough. It was a hell of a ride....

Jessica, aka J-Dub

It's been awhile since I've been able to post, football has turned our life upside down! And I've got so many great seniors to get done - I'm going to be working fast and furiously for the next few days! Oh well, what's life if it's not fast and furious, right? Here's the first of many seniors to come in the next few days - Jess! Hope you like them!

Kinsey Family

It's always fun to take photos of families with very young children, but I really like doing families with teenagers too! They do what they're told, for the most part, ;) and it's so nice when the family is as sweet and enjoys each other as much as this one!


My latest Senior boy - this time from Midway! Michael is the son of some good friends, and really just one of the best kids I know.... Good luck to the Falcons in basketball!


I shot some cousins a few weeks ago, here's the first! I hope you like them, Amanda!

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