The GIRLS of Fall!!!

Here's our Ladycat Volleyball team!!! Can't wait to watch some v-ball this fall!!!

Love is like a butterfly...

I'm kind of having an affair with butterflies lately... It's been a good season for them, I've seen a bunch! This one was taken at the Butterfly Conservatory at Riverbend Natureworks, if you haven't been there you should go, but wait until it cools off some!

Let's hear it for the cheerleaders!!!

Such a fun group of girls - you guys made me LOL! Thanks for doing what you do!

Thomas Family

Such cute kiddos, but such a hot, sticky day! They were troopers about it though, and were soooo sweet!

Just because...

I've got a family session I'm in the middle of editing, and I need to be starting the varsity posters, but I'm feeling VERY non-creative! So, I thought I'd play around with something fru-fru to get the creative juices flowing!

Always pointed in the wrong direction...

The next couple of nights, if you go outside waaaaaay after dark - look up! You might see a falling star! It's time for the annual Perseids meteor shower, so of course, I got up at 3:30 this morning and sat in the road with my camera and tripod trying to photograph a meteor. I saw plenty! But, like the title says, I never had my camera pointed the right way at the right time. And that's pretty much the story of my life, always being focused on the wrong thing, when important things are happening all around me. Although I did get a nice photo of the small constellation Andromeda (that's the little cluster on the right), it wasn't what I hoped for.... But, just like in life, all I can do is get back out there tonight and try again! :)

Long time comin'.....

My sister and I shot DeeDee and Jimmy's wedding a couple of weeks ago, and these are some of my faves! You guys are such a precious couple, and I'm so glad I was there when you FINALLY made it official!!! :) Good luck, best wishes, and I hope you have years and years of happiness together!

You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss....

I've been working on DeeDee's and Jimmy's wedding pics, but had to jump ahead and post these because I love the little details! :)

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