Tu-Tu Cute!

This little doll is Kabree, and she's turning one in a few days! I had the opportunity to take some shots of her for her birthday invitation. Gave me a chance to try out my new tu-tu that I made using the instructions I found on 2peas! She was a good little sport about wearing an itchy tulle tu-tu, on an evening where it was 100 degrees in the shade! CC always welcome, thanks for looking!


I took this photo a few weeks ago, and I've been saving it for this week! This is an country church, it's kind of out in the boonies. I ran this through the ReDynamix HDR filter on Orton Sepia. I would love to get the star effect on my sunflares, but I don't have a filter, and I don't know how to do it without one! (note to self - LEARN) This was a very homey, lovely little church, but I love that the filter gave it a gothic look. Now, I am the most UN-gothic person ever, but I love creepy, goth images! One of my favorite places to shoot is a cemetery! So if you know of any websites or links with great creepy shots, leave me a comment with a link! CC welcome - thanks for looking!

Just a sunflower....

Nature's the theme this week for the Picture of the Day challenge. Let me just say, I STINK at nature pictures!!! I could make a lot of excuses (and I do) about how there's just not very many interesting things in this part of the country nature-wise to photograph, or I don't have a macro lens so I can't do a lot of closeup shots, but the fact is that I just don't think I have much of an eye for it. It's something I'm working on though, because I'd really like to get better! Here's a sunflower that I caught by the side of the rode, usually, the blown out hazy sky doesn't work, but this time I was able to lighten it up enough to get a nice white backdrop. Thanks for looking!!!

One More Landscape

Another landscape - can't believe I'm on theme 2 days in a row! This was a bridge off of a backroad in the north part of our county. I would have liked to have gotten a little bit closer, but it looked pretty "snakey", and I only had on flip-flops! I need to be better prepared when I'm looking for photograph opportunities! I ran the ReDynaMix HDR filter on this, and burned the leaves for a little depth. Let me know what you think!

Love my small town Texas life, but....

I wish there was something more exciting to shoot! A person can only photograph so many cows and mesquite trees! :) It's "landscape" week in the POTD challenge, and what I wouldn't give for a beach or a hill! It's pretty flat around here, and this time of year the grass is starting to die, so it's not the most scenic place. Mike and I went for a drive last weekend waaaayyyy north in the county, about 2 miles from Oklahoma. It was a nice afternoon, and I found a couple of places to shoot. Oh well, even though it's flat and hot here, and the mosquitos are as big as sparrows, I wouldn't live anywhere else! God Bless Texas!

Also, I'd like to clarify the Scenes from the Lake post from last week. Some folks made comments about my 'underwater' pic of Becca - sorry - but she's not underwater! She had just jumped off the dock, so the splash kind of looked like bubbles coming out of her mouth, and she landed on a blue floatie, so it just looks like it's underwater! Just wanted to clear that up! Thanks for looking!

Totally Tubular!

More lake pics! We had a couple of big, overgrown boys driving the boat, they didn't go too rough with the girls, but they sure took the boys on quite a ride! I think the facial expressions say it all!

Scenes from the Lake

We spent the weekend with my sister and her family at their cabin on PK Lake, and had a blast!!! Although I'm not really a water-lovin' kind of girl, I do love the pictures I can get. And water's ok, as long as I don't have to actually get in it! Here's some of the shots I got, more to follow in a day or two!

Jumping Off

I can't even begin to count how many photos I have of Ryan and Nathan together. I have pictures of them in their T-ball uniforms, at Six Flags, coloring Easter eggs, on the football field, playing in mud puddles, at birthday parties, - honestly, I could go on and on. They've been friends since they were 6 years old... Ten years of photographs really add up, and they're both used to the drill when I've got my camera out - they don't even gripe too much anymore!

Sometimes I wonder if they even know how lucky they are to have such a good friend in each other. They both have lots of friends, they hang out with a really good group of guys, and they're all very close. But Ryan and Nate are almost like brothers. They have fun, they're always brutally honest with one another, sometimes they fight, but they never really get mad. As they get older, and high school graduation gets closer, they're approaching the 'jumping off' point in their lives. My wish for them is that they'll always be buddies, no matter what comes next, no matter what they're jumping into....

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