First Day as a Freshman!

I can't believe this day is here! Today is the first day of Becca's Freshman year, and on the drive to school, I gave her this advice... "Smile a lot, be friendly, don't worry about what other people think of you, and have fun, because the next four years are going to fly by!" She, of course, gave me the requisite 14-year-old girl eyeroll, answered "Okaaaaay, Mom!" and I'm sure she thought to herself "Four years is gonna take FOREVER!" She's so wrong...

Good luck to the Class of 2015!!! Have a blast!


The first of the 2012 crop of Senior Girls! We took these at an old, historic house south of Henrietta, and it had so much charm and character! Good luck, Katie! Enjoy your year! :)

Waiting for Oaklan

I remember when the summers when I was pregnant, and how miserable I was, and my kids were born in DECEMBER! I can't imagine being 8 months pregnant THIS summer, when the temperatures are INSANE! But Samantha was a trooper through this, I think she handled the heat better than me! :) Good luck Sam, and try to stay cool until Labor Day! (Isn't that the best due date?)


Kolten kicks off the Senior Class of 2012! It was BLISTERING hot for this session, but we all made it through! Have a great Senior year, Kolten! And Go Cats!!!! :)

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