This is Kevin - formerly of Wichita Falls and a former co-worker at the bank. Kevin just graduated from MSU, and is headed out for a huge adventure! First stop, Alabama, next stop Europe, then back for Law School! Kev's an amazing guy - and it won't be the same at work without him.... He's the only guy I've ever known to show up for a work function with a rainbow mohawk, he's the only one who ever sent me a random email about assembling a meteor fighting team, and he's one of the few left-leaning employees at work - there aren't nearly enough of us! We'll miss you Kevin, Good Luck, Be Safe and Have a Blast!!!!

Colby part 2!

We did yearbook pics of Colby last fall, and we just got the chance to finish up!

Gotta love the brass!

Tonight was the Junior High Band Concert. Let me just tell you, the 6th grade band SERIOUSLY rocks! They are very, very good. In fact, at their recent concert contest, they not only got 1st division from all 3 judges, they won the trophy for overall best band! And they weren't just competing against other 6th grade bands, either - they were competing against all middle school bands! They really do have some talent... And of course, I'm partial to the trumpet section! :) I was really proud of Becca tonight - she received the award for Most Improved Trumpet! She's worked really hard!


This is my beautiful niece, Lindsey! Lindsey goes to school in Garland, and we've had a heck of a time trying to coordinate senior pictures. First, she broke her arm and was in a cast, then we've been going through monsoon season! We finally bit the bullet and headed out in the drizzle on Saturday. It was damp, but we had a lot of fun! And by the way, the cow's name is Emma!

The Joys of Being a Boy

This is 2-year old Jace, and he is ALL boy!!! He's the grandson of one of my best friends, and just too cute for words!

Might as well JUMP!!!

It took us a few takes to get these pics, but we had fun doing it!!!


Here's a sneak peak for Courtney, one of my 'last minute' seniors! :)

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