I'm afraid...

... of the light! You know the photography seminar "Captivated by the Light", well I'm Terrified of the Light! It's pretty much gotten to where unless I can be absolutely certain that I'm going to have a nice shady spot to shoot in, or it's an overcast, gray day, that I don't even get my camera out! I'm afraid my shots will be blown out, or the color will be washed out.... I REALLY need to get over this fear because I'm missing out on some great shots! I forced myself to go Sunday afternoon and walk the golf course with my son to get some pics in (shudder) FULL afternoon sun, and guess what - the world didn't end! (I'll post some of those pics later this week). And Saturday, I took some family portraits for a very nice couple and this cute little guy in a nice location with lots of safe shade, but I just happened to catch this one where the light was streaming in, and I kind of like it! I wouldn't want a whole session to look like this, but I think that the contrast isn't bad, even though he has EXTREMELY fair skin. Tell me what you think - CC is always welcome!

Slow Down

I look at you, your whole life stands before you;
I look at me and I'm running out of time
Time has brought us here to share these moments
To look for something we may never find......

You're a part of me, I'm a part of you
Wherever we may travel, whatever we go through
Whatever time may take away
It cannot change the way we feel today
So hold me close and say you feel it too,
You're part of me and I'm a part of you......

This song by Glenn Frey was on the radio non-stop the fall of '91. I was pregnant with my first baby, Ryan, and VERY emotional, and this song just struck a chord with me. It amazed me so much that I had a new person growing within me, and as anxious as I was for that person to be born, I wasn't ready to give him up, wasn't ready for the closeness of having him right there to end, being right there for me to talk to, and sing to, and make promises to.

This is my first-born today. Ryan's nearly grown, and as exciting as that is, some days I just want him to be a little boy again. He and I have been through so much together - he was there when I learned to be a mother, and I've been there as he's learned to be a man. His dad and I went to a school meeting yesterday to sign him up for some concurrent college courses that he can complete his junior and senior year in high school. It's absolutely unbelievable that we're preparing him for college. Time is flying by now, it seems like he's leaping ahead, and I just want to call out to him - "slow down....."

Too Cute!!!

Meet Jace. He's my good friend's grandson, and he turned one a couple of weeks ago. He is the happiest little boy! We went to the park and shot a few photos for his 1 year pics, and he had the best time! I had forgotten how much energy a 1 year old can have!!! This shot was taken inside of a tube/slide - made for a great backdrop! Thanks for looking!


A couple of years ago on a hot summer afternoon, my mom and I were standing out in my front yard. I was talking to her as she was getting into her car, when we looked and saw a miserable little creature coming down the road toward us. As it got closer, we could tell it was a little poodle, but it was filthy, matted with burrs in its coat, and it was obviously thirsty and tired. We picked it up when it got to us, and looked for a tag. He was wearing a tag from our local vet's office, so we got him a drink of water and called the vet. We discovered who he belonged to, and gave them a call. When the owner answered the phone, I told her I had found her little poodle, and he was several blocks from home and headed toward the busy highway when we found him. She was unaware that he was even out of the yard, and seemed more annoyed than happy that he'd been found. She told us that he'd been blind from birth, and was always underfoot and being stepped on, so he became an outside dog "for his own good". Mind you, this is about a four pound teacup poodle. My mom offered to take him by her house on her way home.

My mom is the world's biggest dog lover, and already had one dog from a rescue. She and my dad had owned a little white poodle years before my dad passed away, and they ADORED her. Since it seemed that the owner didn't even really want this poor little thing, Mom took him home and mentioned she'd had a poodle similar to him, and really missed her. The owner asked Mom jokingly if "she wanted another one", and then Gabby had a new home!

In the next few days, Gabby went to the groomers and the vet. Over the next few weeks he began having seizures, and we learned that besides being blind, he was also epileptic and had never been treated for his epilepsy! But now that he lives in a loving home - he's the happiest dog in the world! He's truly the sweetest puppy ever!

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