Seigler Family

There are lots of challenges with gathering a big, extended family together for photos, which is exactly why my family has never done it! I'm pretty sure we would kill each other before the session was over... But this family managed to do it, and they were still smiling at the end of it all! Even the guys, and men are notorious for hating to have their portraits done! Thanks you guys, it was fun!


Daisy's a senior girl who shares one of my passions - photography! Enjoy the rest of your senior year!


Gotta love those Senior Girls!!!! We'll have to finish up with Maddie in the spring on second base... ;)

Be careful what you wish for....

Remember last Christmas when the blizzard hit? I do.... and I remember how Mike was stuck on the side of the road in an ambulance for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve. And I remember how I couldn't get to the grocery store to even buy milk. And I remember how Ryan got stuck in my car in a snow drift and worked for more than an hour trying to get out and nearly froze to death. And I also remember how the snow got so heavy that our carport caved in! All of that was really terrible, but then I remember how excited I was to see all the white flakes, and how much fun it was to make Christmas goodies with Becca while watching it snow, and how beautiful it looked with the sun glistening on it Christmas morning, and when I think about those things, the not-so-great memories fade. Yes, I admit it... once again, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.


Boys are so easy!!! Don't get me wrong, Senior Girls are fun, and like having their picture taken, and are up for anything.... but boys are a breeze! Maybe I feel that way because I've always had a herd of them at the house, and lately, Hunter's been one of the ones that's been in and out.... Have a great year, Hunter!

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