Katie Jo

It's less than 3 months until Pioneer Reunion, and that means that Katie has to give up her crown soon. Hope you had a fabulous year as Clay County Rodeo Queen! :)

Fred the Frog

Yes, some people would say that we have a petting zoo at our house. No, we're not bringing a frog in from the backyard and making a pet out of it, much to Becca's disappointment. That did not stop her, however, from naming it Fred. And it didn't stop the frog from hanging out on the back door all evening. But it did give me a chance to try out my brand new macro lens!

Pretty pretties...

I love pretty flowers, but I'm death to them. Seriously, my mom can bring completely dead plants and flowers back to life, but I can look at them and they wilt. I have -zero- houseplants, and absolutely no outside flowers. But I love to take photos of them! These shots are from my photo getaway weekend back in the spring...

"What a long strange trip it's been"

I know lots of my blog readers are arachnaphobes, and really get the heebie jeebies looking at this kind of stuff... but honestly... doesn't this guy remind you of Jerry Garcia? All he needs are some wire-rimmed glasses and a Grateful Dead tshirt...

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