Still going for creepy

Yes, these pics were taken in a cemetery! My sister and I have probably watched a few too many episodes of "Ghosthunters", and we love to go out to the cemetery to see what we might capture! Anyway, in keeping with the season, I wanted to post a couple of graveyard photos. Any suggestions on how to make them spookier? CC welcome, thanks for looking!

What do you think of this?

I was going for spooky here, not sure if I made it. I thought the 2 little windows kind of looked like creepy eyes. This is a picture of an old "calaboose" on the outside of town. It's a little one-room building that in the past was used for many things, including a schoolhouse and a jail. I used Lady Ren's B&W Grain action, also one of her borders, and did lots of dodging and burning. I'm in the mood for some spooky stuff, since it's nearly Halloween! Let me know what you think!

Rodeo Girls

I had the opportunity to shoot something a little different a few weeks ago. Our county had it's annual rodeo, and a friend of mine had a daughter participating in the kids' playday. It was midday, so the sun was pretty harsh. These were shot at 200 ISO, Aperture priority, various settings, with my 75-300 lens. Please CC! Thanks!

Volleyball photos

Oh my gosh, I haven't posted in FOREVER! Life has really been getting in the way of the things I like to do! :) I have been busy taking pictures, though, which is a good thing. I've done some seniors, some sports, a little bit of everything really. These are some shots I took at a recent volleyball game for one of the volleyball moms. (We have a GREAT volleyball team this year - the girls are ranked 7th in state.) The lighting was tricky, it was a day game, and we have some big windows in the gym, but they're really high, so exposure was tough. These were shot in TV mode, settings everywhere, with my 85mm lens, mostly at 800 ISO and some at 1600 ISO, then run through Noiseware. I'm still having a hard time falling in love with my 85mm. I like it ok for these kind of shots, but I'm still struggling with it on portraits.

Anyway, CC always appreciated! Thanks for looking!

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