Here's a sneak peek for Chris! We had a big "hat vs. no hat" controversy - I think I gotta go with Chris - I like the ones with the hat best! (Sorry Christie!) :)

There's a new kid in town

Meet little Kooper! Kooper was born earlier this month as the newest member of the nicest family. He's the tiniest thing - but I've heard through the grapevine that he's starting to beef up a little bit! He was quite a trooper through the whole photography thing - wasn't phased a bit! I've still got a LOT of pictures to edit, but I wanted to pick out a few favorites and post them.

Graduation Announcements

It's nearly commencement time, so if you're interested in graduation announcements, let me know! You can choose from these designs and more, customized to suit you perfectly!

Ready for Spring

I'M TIRED OF COLD WEATHER!!! It's been downright nasty the last couple of days, and if it doesn't rain any more today, the Cats are going to play baseball today! Now I'm not a fair-weather fan, but seriously, the high is going to be about 40 degrees! Bring on the blankets and handwarmers! :)

Hoskins Field

The Cats had a great win Monday night over Hirschi, and got to play at Hoskins Field! It was very cool, the nicest field we've played on so far...

Bonham Tournament

Just a few shots from the Bearcats' last tournament.

Get there, One-Seven!!!

Ryan's a pretty smart baserunner, and it's good thing, because no one in our family has ever been accused of being a track star! :)

What do you think, did he beat the throw?

A few more baseball shots

Just a few more from the Alvord Tournament.

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