Look out Saint Jo Rodeo- here comes Jo!  Josey will be running for Saint Jo Rodeo Queen very soon, so we did some head shots last night.  There's a LOT of work that goes into running for Rodeo Queen!  Of course, being gorgeous comes easy for her!  Good Luck Jo, knock 'em dead! 

Horsin' Around

I'm making a mid-year resolution.... I rarely just take pictures for fun anymore, and I hardly ever take pictures of my family! Back when photography was just a hobby, I used to really get excited about trying new techniques, or looking for a new spot, and I ALWAYS had my camera with me. Now that I shoot for others, I seem to have misplaced my passion a little bit, and I miss it! So I've decided that at least once a month, I'm going to go out and shoot something new, just for fun - not for money, and at least once a month I'm going to take some pics of my family! These pics are some just-for-fun pics out at my good friend Terri's place, of a mama horse and her new baby. They were so gorgeous!

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