I've known this young lady for most of her life. She's one of the "little sisters" and spent a lot of time being hauled around to big brother stuff like all the little sisters did. She's come a long way since playing behind the baseball bleachers and ballet class, and has grown into a beautiful young woman!

All Creatures Great and Small

Our yard seems to be a magnet for all kinds of animals. Countless lost dogs have turned up here, knowing they'll find some food and a bowl of water, kitty cats come and hang out by the back door, lizards run in the house, and sometimes even frogs show up. This past weekend, this big ol' alligator snapper showed up in the front yard. He was HUGE and grumpy in spite of Becca promptly naming him Phillip, and wanted to make a meal of some of our extremities. We called our reptile guy (everybody's got a reptile guy, right?), who came and calmly picked him up by his tail, tossed him in a Rubbermaid tub, and transported him to safety before he tried to cross the highway or snap off someone's finger!

Seems Like Old Times

On the night before Easter, we have ALWAYS colored eggs, and we always will. It's these types of traditions that keep us connected to our past as a family. And many times, Nate has come and colored eggs with us. Every year, we gather all the coffee cups (no pastel made-for-Easter-egg plastic cups for us), Mike always uses the wax crayon to write "You can't find this egg" on one, even though we don't really hunt them anymore. And every year, the last egg gets a treatment of lots of different colors and various things found in the fridge like ranch dressing, soy sauce, and sometimes even cat food to see what color it will turn. And every year, there's the made-up categories and voting - anybody who knows us knows we're VERY serious about the voting... This year, we had a love message egg, a prison egg, a Mercedes egg, and an owl egg among the entrants. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, and a happy upcoming Spring!

Midway Prom - A Night Under the Stars

Hey, Midway peoples! Your prom pics are ready for purchase! :) Click on Proof Galleries under the name Lori Riggins Photography, then click on the Midway Prom album to view. Mrs. Johnston will have order forms for you. Thanks for letting me come to your prom!

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