.... or as we call him around our house, the other son. I love this guy, what can I say? Since the boys were in first grade, Nate's been a fixture at the Riggins' house, just like Ry's been a fixture at the Scott's. When Ryan was born in '91, and we were living in Mesquite, Texas, I never dreamed that he would grow up best friends with the son of the girl I lived across the street from as a child! It's funny how life works sometimes... Nate's gone through a lot as a part-time family member... he's made about 500 trips to Six Flags, been bitten by JJ, eaten about a thousand fish sticks on countless fish stick and macaroni nights, suffered the wrath of Big Mike when he thought it would be funny to flick Mike's ear from the back seat while driving down the highway, and way too many other things to mention. Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Nathan!!!


Jake (aka Snake) is one of the funniest guys I've ever known. His direct approach to everything is something that I truly envy! He was in a pretty serious accident a few years ago, and even though it kept him from doing what he loved for awhile, he never let it get him down. He just looks life straight in the eye, and says "bring it on...." I'm so glad that Ryan has such close friends, and that Jake's one of them!!!


Another last minute senior! What is it about teenage boys that make them procrastinate??? Oh, well.... gotta love 'em! :)


Ty is just one of those guys who makes me laugh! He was NOT well for having his senior pics taken, but between his mom and me, we got him through it! :)


Still trying to get all my seniors that I've finished posted, but I'm nearly caught up! Keep this sweet girl and her family in your thoughts, they're going through something difficult right now....


Still playing catch up on posting my Seniors! Here's Zack, aka Ozzy!

Blake and Shelby

I'm soooo behind on session posts!!! Hope to get them caught up soon, starting today with this fun couple, Blake and Shelby!

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