Sweet Sixteen

Our sweet baby girl turned 16 today, and I took a walk down memory lane and spent some time looking through her baby book. I was reminded of her cute made up words and phrases she used to say, like:

Big Donalds = McDonalds
Samoff = Sandwich
Buscuze Me = Excuse Me
Weather Blanket = Electric Blanket
The Cliff (which she was TERRIFIED OF at Lowes) = Forklift
Gugga = Becca
Mister = Dad
Guy = PaPa

She also used to LOVE the color pink (notsomuch anymore), she named every stuffed animal, beanie baby, stick horse, roly poly bug or doll "Crystal", she was ALL ABOUT The Dragontales TV show, and she was scared of flowers because they had bugs in them! She had to have "Delta Dawn" or the Dixie Chicks' "Lying in Your Lovin' Arms Again" sung to her every night, and NOBODY could make her mad like her big brother!

As much fun as the last 16 years have been watching her grow, I know the future holds many more wonderful times in store for her! Happy Birthday Rebecca Noelle!

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