Where is He Now?

I know what you're thinking... Ryan's birthday was yesterday, sooooo Lori's being sentimental and posting his first baby picture. Wrong. I have absolutely no idea who this baby is. But I often wonder about him.... 20 years ago, I did give birth to a beautiful baby boy. And like most of the parents, we bought a photo package taken in the nursery of the hospital of "his 1st photos." A week or so after we got home from the hospital, we received our packet. I was so excited that we got it in time for Christmas, and I went out and bought a bunch of photo frames, and gave all of them out for Christmas gifts! Never once did it even occur to me that.... this didn't look like Ryan at all, but instead I thought "oh my goodness, they just change so quickly." And I had been drugged up pretty good, so what did I know? And it also never occurred to me that I had never seen the sleeper he was dressed in, but I just assumed that was something the nursery had put on him for the photo. And I didn't think it was odd at all that the baby in the photo had a REALLY red rash on his face that I had never noticed on Ryan. I was a first time mom, it didn't seem unrealistic that his skin might be broken out one minute, and completely cleared up the next. So, Christmas presents were given and everyone ooohed and aaahed appropriately.

Fast forward to the week after Christmas. I received ANOTHER photo packet in the mail. With these photos. That were CLEARLY my sweet baby boy. He looked just like his daddy's baby picture, and he was wearing the same clothes he was wearing when they brought him out of the nursery to me. Yes, I am Super Mom and couldn't pick my baby out of a lineup. BUT IN MY DEFENSE neither could anyone else!

So I do often wonder about Baby Number 1, and what he's doing today and what kind of young man he's grown into, or if he's EVEN A BOY... And I hope that he brought as much happiness to his mom as Baby Number 2 did to me!

Speaking of Baby Number 2, here's the Birthday Boy! I hope that your 20th Birthday was the best ever, and now the Countdown to Vegas begins!!!! Have a great year!

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