A couple of years ago on a hot summer afternoon, my mom and I were standing out in my front yard. I was talking to her as she was getting into her car, when we looked and saw a miserable little creature coming down the road toward us. As it got closer, we could tell it was a little poodle, but it was filthy, matted with burrs in its coat, and it was obviously thirsty and tired. We picked it up when it got to us, and looked for a tag. He was wearing a tag from our local vet's office, so we got him a drink of water and called the vet. We discovered who he belonged to, and gave them a call. When the owner answered the phone, I told her I had found her little poodle, and he was several blocks from home and headed toward the busy highway when we found him. She was unaware that he was even out of the yard, and seemed more annoyed than happy that he'd been found. She told us that he'd been blind from birth, and was always underfoot and being stepped on, so he became an outside dog "for his own good". Mind you, this is about a four pound teacup poodle. My mom offered to take him by her house on her way home.

My mom is the world's biggest dog lover, and already had one dog from a rescue. She and my dad had owned a little white poodle years before my dad passed away, and they ADORED her. Since it seemed that the owner didn't even really want this poor little thing, Mom took him home and mentioned she'd had a poodle similar to him, and really missed her. The owner asked Mom jokingly if "she wanted another one", and then Gabby had a new home!

In the next few days, Gabby went to the groomers and the vet. Over the next few weeks he began having seizures, and we learned that besides being blind, he was also epileptic and had never been treated for his epilepsy! But now that he lives in a loving home - he's the happiest dog in the world! He's truly the sweetest puppy ever!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet post....poor little thing...I am so glad your mom gave him a good loving home!!! LOVE these a puppy super model!

Trina said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes! I too am a big dog lover! Gabby is soo sweet and his pictures are so cute, god bless your mom for giving him a loving home.

For Over 29 Years... said...

what a sweet story. I'm so grateful for people like you guys who step up to the plate.

Becky said...

What a story! Glad Gabby is in a loving home now. I love the way her hair and ears look in these photos.

pakosta said...

what a cute puppy!
sweet post!

Tera Fraley said...

Those are so fun!! Love the little outfit she has from the groomers.

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