I have an Eli-sized hole in my heart

We lost this sweet baby a couple of days ago, and I just can't seem to get my head around it. I've never lost a pet that wasn't very sick or very old, or when it was a merciful blessing. But in a freak accident right in front of my eyes, little Eli was just gone. And I'm heartsick.

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore all of my pets, and even though I laughingly call myself a crazy cat lady, it was this little min pin who stole my heart. He was spoiled beyond belief, was always at my feet when I was cooking because he knew I shared, had his picture taken with Santa Claus, got toys regularly from Wal-Mart, was never very far from his squeaky chicken, and was in absolute heaven when riding around in the pickup with the windows down, barking ferociously at every car that passed. The words "you wanna go???" put him in a yippy-yappy frenzy.

Eli's sole purpose for existence was to love and be loved, and he fulfilled that purpose tremendously. He will be missed beyond measure.

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