All Creatures Great and Small

Our yard seems to be a magnet for all kinds of animals. Countless lost dogs have turned up here, knowing they'll find some food and a bowl of water, kitty cats come and hang out by the back door, lizards run in the house, and sometimes even frogs show up. This past weekend, this big ol' alligator snapper showed up in the front yard. He was HUGE and grumpy in spite of Becca promptly naming him Phillip, and wanted to make a meal of some of our extremities. We called our reptile guy (everybody's got a reptile guy, right?), who came and calmly picked him up by his tail, tossed him in a Rubbermaid tub, and transported him to safety before he tried to cross the highway or snap off someone's finger!


Anonymous said...

Should have named him Shelly.

Tammy Watford said...

I absolutely love the "stories" you blog on here. I say stories because you express yourself so vividly on the topic you are "shooting". Even if you didn't add your awesome camera skills, we would ALL be able to see exactly what you saw through your blogged words. Thanks for always sharing, keep 'em comin' they are truly entertaining!
Tammy Watford

Anonymous said...

Looks like a charming fellow! And you captured him so beautifully. You're so talented! Your SIL

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