Hello, we're the Riggins Family and we're addicted to fireworks. This fireworks ban that we're under is warranted, important, and we certainly intend to abide by it.... but to say we're disappointed is an understatement. Yes, we're the family that gets about 58,000 free mortar shells because we spend so much $$$ at the fireworks stand. And don't forget to throw in our free sparklers because Mike's a volunteer firefighter! The pictures here show just a few of what we had LAST year... But all that being said, it's entirely too hot and dry to even consider lighting fireworks. To risk people's property and homes for a fireworks display would be selfish and irresponsible. So please, have a wonderful Fourth of July, cook out, throw a party, have a blast.... just be smart. And if you just gotta have fireworks, watch the Casey Anthony trial like me!

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