A Resolution for 2011

It's a new year, and we are required by law to make a resolution, right? I've thought about all the things I would like to improve or change about myself, considered the usual - shedding extra pounds, trying to be more punctual, actually being nice to people... But the one thing that would probably make the most positive impact on my life and on my loved ones, is to {Stop Losing Things}.

I lose everything. Really, I do. Sometimes I find what I'm looking for, sometimes I don't. For instance, just these last few days, I've lost my keys, a gift card, my nerve, my phone, my debit card, my keys, my patience, a Christmas gift, some money, my keys, control, a bag of red and green m&m's, earrings, and my keys. Do you see a trend here? Once I even lost one shoe. At a gas station. That I was wearing at the time.

Over the years, I've lost some things that were very precious to me, some things I still hold on to hope that they'll turn up after years of missing them. For instance, 20+ years ago, I lost the diamond necklace Mike gave to me our first Christmas together. A few years later, while packing away knick knacks to make room for Christmas decorations, I lost a lead crystal egg that I had sitting on the mantle. Both of them, here one moment, gone the next. But I still hold out hope that one day I'm going to be cleaning out a dresser drawer, or reorganizing a closet, and there they'll be, stuck back in a corner or tucked in a jacket pocket of a coat not worn in years, (I'm not sure why I would have put a crystal egg in a coat pocket, but you never know.) Once, I even lost the diamond out of my wedding ring in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.... but by golly, I stayed and pulled balls out of there until I found it...

This affliction has caused disruption in our happy little home here on Rosalee Street. Because in the panic and rush of trying to find something before walking out the door in the mornings, I invariably as a last resort call Mike at work, just to simply ask "hey, Honey, I know you're busy, but do you remember seeing my _________ before you left?" (fill in the blank with just about anything). But it never comes out that way. It always comes out "I'M LATE FOR WORK, AND I CAN'T FIND MY _________ AND I KNOW YOU TOOK IT, MOVED IT, OR DID SOMETHING WITH IT JUST TO SPITE ME!!! TELL ME WHERE IT IS RIGHT NOW!!!!" Oh, and interject some swear words in there, too. Poor Mike.

But I'm going to change all that. I'm going to be better about putting things away where they belong. I'm going to be more organized and calm. I'm going to find things - I know I can do it. I'm leaving for the bookstore right now to purchase a self-help book about organization, but I'll have to write a check for it, because I still haven't found my debit card. And has anyone seen my keys?

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