Lessons learned from a 13 year old....

Becca is 13 today... finally, a teenager... She's growing into such a kind, beautiful young lady, and I'm so proud of her. I often say that I should strive to be more like her, because she's not just a good kid, she's a good {person}.... The kind of person that I want to be. Here are a few lessons learned from my wise and wonderful daughter:

1. It's ok to try something new, even if you don't think you'll be any good at it. Sometimes it's fun just to try.

2. Spending time in the company of just yourself is a great way to pass a lazy weekend.

3. It's better to have a few real friends, than to be the most 'popular' person because you'll be more happy around genuine people than phony people.

4. If you're only going to get mad at one person, make sure it's your brother.

5. Being quiet doesn't mean you're timid or meek, it just means you don't feel the need to have the spotlight all the time.

6. Just because someone is unkind to you is not a good reason to be unkind to them.

7. You should always read the birthday cards and the message written in them before you open the present.

8. The tops of the broccoli taste better than the bottoms.

9. It's ok NOT to like the same movies, clothes, celebrities, colors, songs, games, etc. that everyone else does... really, it is.

10. Being silly is acceptable no matter what your age.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca Noelle. I love you very much.


DeeDee said...

What a smart girl! She is right about all of those! Love ya Becca!

Lori Cochran said...

There is a reason why you have such a wonderful young lady for a daughter...She has a great example!! Happy Birthday - Becca aka Miss Riggins

Judy said...

Those are so very true and Tel Becca I especially like number 3 because even at 51 years old I know this is very true even in my life today as I speak and I am always telling Tylor and Tanner those exact words, sometimes those that appear to have all the friends in the end have none. I just simply think Becca has lots of friends one of those is me. Hope your Birthday was the Happiest Ever!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Girl! And gorgeous picture!

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