Senior Year

I can't believe Ryan starts his Senior Year today! I have such mixed emotions about it.... I'm really excited for all that's ahead, but I'm so sad too! I mean, who would think that this sweet boy, former Mesquite Mr. Firecracker and Hillcrest Honeys Baby Pageant winner would be a big, manly senior boy! And who would have ever dreamed that his dad would have let him live this long! LoL! Good luck sweetie, I hope you have an awesome year!


~*DEB*~ said...

awwww Lori, what a sweet post(he might not think so, but I do!!) I will be where you are next year!! Our babies are growing up!! Hope you have a great Senior Year Ryan!!

Janza said...

I am now bawling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeeDee said...

You know what I am doing. I have cried off and on all day. Ryan is precious, those are just darlin' pictures of him. I keep this pic of Jake at about 3 or so with this cheesin' grin taped to the edge of my monitor because it just makes me smile!

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