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Taking a break from football and senior pictures to talk a little bit about something that matters to me... Most of my friends would tell you I'm their "political" friend! I'm pretty passionate about voting, and can be a little vocal about my political views! :)

The truth is, my parents raised me to be the way I am. They instilled in me how important it is, how it can make a difference. Most of the time, I don't agree with folks around me, and that's ok. Most of the people I know are respectful of my views, and I try to be the same for them. Occasionally, I get a little good natured fun poked my way or at my candidate, but that's ok, too!

The video below is tongue-in-cheek, and really talks about how important just one vote can be. Election day is November 4th - go vote and let your voice be heard.

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Anonymous said...

Love the video. I think alot of McCain voters feel like it doesn't matter if they vote because Obama is so far ahead. I know that's is not the way you wanted me to think about it, but it goes both ways!! Love ya girl!!!

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