Happy Birthday Katie!

Today is my sister-in-law Katie's birthday. She's the big 5-0! The photo is a picture I took in Pittsburg, Texas, where her and my husband's family originates from. Pittsburg Hot Links is an institution in this small city, and we make a pilgrimage every few years to partake of the links (at least my husband does, I eat a burger)! Anyway, for one of Katie's gifts, I shot this photo, and enhanced it with a TTV frame from Flickr. I enlarged it to a 20x20, and put it in an Ikea clip frame. I really liked the look of it so much that I made one for myself, too!
Back to the birthday girl...... I am so fortunate to have such an awesome sister-in-law! Katie is one of the smartest, funniest, strongest, most beautiful women that I know. She and her husband Rick have raised two fantastic kids. Katie and I laugh so much when we're together, which isn't nearly often enough.
My daughter, Becca, isn't blessed with any wonderful sisters the way that I am (shout out to Denise and Clydean), so it's my hope that someday she'll have a sister-in-law like Katie that she'll be close to. Happy Birthday, girl! Love ya'!


Jess said...

OMG, I love this shot! SO COOL. And a big happy bday to your sis in law! :)

Amy said...

VERY cool shot...what a great birthday idea~

Unknown said...

Hi all from Katie. I love the shot too. It brings back memories of visting my grandparents in Pittsburg, eating Hot Links with saltines and wasting it all down with ice cold grape soda! I love Lori's work as a photographer and will cherish having this beautiful piece hanging in my home. As far as being lucky to have a great sister-in-law - it is actually my good luck that I have Lori!! My little brother did me proud!! LOL
Thanks for the blog shout out on my birthday, Lori, and thanks again for celebrating my day with me yesterday!! Love you all.

KRISTIE said...

i like the effect, i need to try this sometime.

Becky said...

Great shot, and great gift!

Amy said...

What a great shot, your pp'ing is just perfect for it! Sounds like you do have a great SIL! Amy :)

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