Maternity shoot

I took these about a week and a half ago, the couple had a due date of mid-September. Unfortunately, Mom had to be hospitalized a few days ago for preclampsia, and I believe they were inducing labor last night, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

This was a difficult shoot, the lighting was AWFUL! I had to shoot everything at 800 ISO, so I have lots of noise, and my focus was soft on a light of my shots. I ran Noiseware on everything, which helped some, and I used Renee's actions on most of the shots, Defog, Botox Brush, Vignette My Way on some...

I would LOVE CC on these! Thanks for looking!


Mom2Drew said...

I love her's so cute and teeny;) I like how the ribbon is tied "loosely" around the belly and is she wearing dad's shirt? That's a nice touch too.

I think the biggest thing is just to brighten/lighten them a tad and then, to have had the couple a little closer together, but very sweet and that first shot is especially nice.

Oh, and on a side note...I had preclampsia my first pregnancy and that's why I was induced with andrew last time around. I'm glad she's in the hospital where she's safe and I will be thinking and praying for them during this time.

Patti said...

I think you did a great job, had sure is a cute bump. I agree with mom2drew about the lighten/brighten. I'm not sure about the far side hand in the last one, kinda looks a bit odd. Hope thing everything turns out okay for them.

Sue said...

I'm in love with the first picture holding the cross. Very beautiful. Personally not a fan of the shirt she's wearing - but that's just my preference. The selective coloring on the pink ribbon is a nice touch. Perfect tummy!

Tera Fraley said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! I love her little belly- and the pink bow with Black and white!!

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