Rylee Rooster

Holy smokes - it's been forever since I've blogged! I almost forgot how to sign on! And I have no idea what the theme for the week is, I'll have to dig up my list!

Anyway, this is my niece Rylee, also known as Rooster in my family! I shot some of her and her sister Kaylee last week, and we all had a great time! I applied some of Renee's grunge borders to these (LOVE the borders - thanks Renee'!). This were shot in Av mode, f/5.6, various shutter speeds, ISO 400, 50mm lens, in RAW, cropped and resized in PSE4. CC please! Thanks for looking!


Ashley Hiskes said...

She is beautiful!

amazing grace said...

these are Great! What a cute girl....i like your bw conversion, too!!! :)


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