Stormy Skies

I admit it- I'm a weather freak! My dream vacation would be to go tornado chasing! When we have a severe thunderstorm headed our way, my family's in the bathroom with the weather radio, and I'm in the yard watching the clouds roll in! And even though I've lived in Tornado Alley all my life, I've never seen a funnel cloud in real life. I would LOVE to get a picture of one! My husband thinks I'm crazy. These pictures are not technically correct by any means, but I thought they were some cool looking clouds. This is a thunderstorm that came through our area last night. Any other storm lovers out there? Thanks for looking!


Mom2Drew said...

Oooo, I LOVE that first one. It looks perfect for a stormy sky. So ominious and dark. Makes me want to run for cover. Nice job.

Kathy said...

Me! I love storms. I sound like holing up for me, I want to see the action. Tornado chasing? Never really thought about it but that would be cool, too. [on the news last week they had video of one that got almost too close]
You know you can take a vacation w/a tornado chasers.

Trisha said...

FANTASTIC pictures of those clouds!! And I'm sorry I missed your post about OKC...I've been LONGING to go visit (my dad goes every year for a Hot Rod show and I've been trying to get him to take pics of the Memorial, but they never have made it yet...they always get too busy) the Survivor Tree. I always think of the line from Elizabethtown where Kirsten Dunst talks about it. "The Survivor Tree. My favorite tree in the world...and I like trees."-

Carolyn said...

Great photo....and I was so happy to read your post, I can print it out and show it to my dh to prove there is at least one other person like me out there.

I would love a tornado chasing vacation, and my dream is to see a real tornado, wierd I know, but sooo cool to see

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. The first one really looks cool. The second one shows the edge of the storm which really makes a big statement. I love storms too. My grandkids thought I was nuts for sitting in the driveway with my camera trying to capture pics of lightning as the storm blew threw Mansfield.

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