I'm posting today with a photo that's a couple of months old, from a baby shoot that I did for a friend. We were just about done with the shoot, and he got a little fussy and needed some comfort from Mom. I thought it was a sweet image, even with the binky! I tried to blur out the distracting background, using a heavy gaussian blur. If anybody has a better way to do this, I would love to hear it! :) Settings were Av mode, f/4.0, ss 1/60, ISO 400, 50mm lens, b&w conversion on PSE4. CC Welcome!


Trisha said...

I agree, it's sweet even with the bink in the picture. I like to get a few pictures of babies with the pacifiers in their mouth (or thumbs if they are thumb suckers) because it's really it's a big part of their little lives! Such a comfort to them!

Sue said...

I think that is so cute. I think maybe a little more brightness and a little contrast boost to get this too pop would be great. Beautiful baby :)

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