Common household object, at least in my house!

A bucket of softballs or baseballs sitting around is pretty commonplace at my house this time of year. I'm always tripping over one near the door or in the kids' rooms! I had a hard time finding a good focal point in this shot - where should the focus have been? Settings were RAW, AV mode, f/5.6, ss 1/320, 28-90 lens, ISO 400. CC Please!

This is a followup from yesterday's post, someone (I think it was Becks) suggested I run Urban Acid on this shot. I used Jess's Urban Acid Action for PSE (thanks Jess!). What do you think?


Jan said...

We don't do baseball at our house, but I love it all the same. I did a bunch of volleyballs for a pic during sports week. It was tough finding the right focus point. In this one, it seems like it should be the ball on top--maybe the one to the right? Not sure. Nice shot, though!

As for your dd, the acid is perfect for this shot. It really adds to it!! Well done.

jen said...

I like the Urban Acid effect on that photo. It pops it a bit!

I'm with Jan on the focus spots too - one of the top two balls!Looks fine though!

Dar Kaso said...

I think the focus is fine, great shot of the baseballs.

The Urban Acid look very nice, makes it pop.

Lorrie said...

I like the urban acid on that shot. Looks great!

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